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[VID]day-20170101.avi01-Jan-2017 15:52 9.8M 
[VID]day-20170102.avi02-Jan-2017 15:53 9.6M 
[VID]day-20170103.avi03-Jan-2017 15:54 10M 
[VID]day-20170104.avi04-Jan-2017 15:56 9.9M 
[VID]day-20170105.avi05-Jan-2017 15:57 9.7M 
[VID]day-20170106.avi06-Jan-2017 15:58 9.3M 
[VID]day-20170107.avi07-Jan-2017 15:59 9.7M 
[VID]day-20170108.avi08-Jan-2017 16:01 9.9M 
[VID]day-20170109.avi09-Jan-2017 16:02 10M 
[VID]day-20170110.avi10-Jan-2017 16:04 10M 
[VID]day-20170111.avi11-Jan-2017 16:05 10M 
[VID]day-20170112.avi12-Jan-2017 16:07 9.6M 
[VID]day-20170113.avi13-Jan-2017 16:08 10M 
[VID]day-20170114.avi14-Jan-2017 16:10 10M 
[VID]day-20170115.avi15-Jan-2017 16:13 11M 
[VID]day-20170116.avi16-Jan-2017 16:13 10M 
[VID]day-20170117.avi17-Jan-2017 16:15 10M 
[VID]day-20170118.avi18-Jan-2017 16:17 11M 
[VID]night-20170101.avi02-Jan-2017 08:19 21M 
[VID]night-20170102.avi03-Jan-2017 08:19 21M 
[VID]night-20170103.avi04-Jan-2017 08:18 21M 
[VID]night-20170104.avi05-Jan-2017 08:18 21M 
[VID]night-20170105.avi06-Jan-2017 08:18 21M 
[VID]night-20170106.avi07-Jan-2017 08:17 21M 
[VID]night-20170107.avi08-Jan-2017 08:17 21M 
[VID]night-20170108.avi09-Jan-2017 08:16 21M 
[VID]night-20170109.avi10-Jan-2017 08:16 21M 
[VID]night-20170110.avi11-Jan-2017 08:16 21M 
[VID]night-20170111.avi12-Jan-2017 08:16 21M 
[VID]night-20170112.avi13-Jan-2017 08:18 21M 
[VID]night-20170113.avi14-Jan-2017 08:13 20M 
[VID]night-20170114.avi15-Jan-2017 08:12 21M 
[VID]night-20170115.avi16-Jan-2017 08:11 20M 
[VID]night-20170116.avi17-Jan-2017 08:09 20M 
[VID]night-20170117.avi18-Jan-2017 08:08 20M 
[VID]night-20170118.avi19-Jan-2017 02:13 13M 


These movies are in MPEG-4 (DivX 5) format. This is supported out of the box by most modern UNIX and GNU/Linux video players such as VLC and MPlayer, but unfortunately not by Windows media player or Apple's Quicktime player. DivX codecs / plugins for Windows and Mac OS X can be downloaded from For Windows, Xvid will also read these files, and can be obtained as a binary codec package here.

A pair of files are generated each day, named in the conventional "night of" format (i.e. the date of the start of the night) for the night movies. These all play back at 25 frames per second, with one frame taken every 10 seconds (alternatively, every second of playback time equals 250 seconds of real time). The files are updated every half hour.

Old movies are archived here.